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My name is Suzanne Taylor, and I am so honored to be the Continued Education Director at the Hope Center!

My background includes 31 years in the Texas Public Schools - 13 years in the elementary, 2 years in the Middle School, and 16 years in the High School arena. I have also taught and worked with teachers, administrators, and staff with higher learning. Along the way I have facilitated marriage classes, bible studies, and women's retreats. My heart is for the empowering of everyone to raise the quality of their own lives and make the most of the time we have been given.


Our Continuing Education Center is designed to support all ages in striving for deeper connections, greater learning, and strategies for your future success. Our Team provides mentoring for our north shore youth through the Project Mentor Program, adult mentoring through Journey Partners, and group classes/programs to support community connection, skill development, and fellowship. We hope you will join us in whatever speaks to your heart!

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