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Volunteer With Us

Volunteers are the heart of The Hope Center. We are blessed by a community of people with a desire to give of their time, talents, knowledge, and kindness. We would love for you to join our team. Check out our volunteer opportunities and sign up for the position that calls you!

Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteer opportunities are listed below. Sometimes these positions get filled up, but we would still like you to sign up in case a spot opens. You can sign up for more than one position and see where the path takes you! 


mentor and mentee.jpg

Children/Youth - Project Mentor

Project Mentor is a school based mentoring program that matches men and women in the community with youth in the LVISD schools. Mentors and students meet and have lunch together for 30 minutes one time a week. (Training is Provided)


Help with Cooking

Adults - Journey Partners

Journey Partners is an adult mentorship program in which a Journey Partner meets with an adult in our community that is seeking guidance, for 30 minutes a week for 6 weeks, encouraging and empowering them in their life situation. (Training is provided)

Northlake Church membership required.


Crisis Center

Crisis Intake Specialist

Our intake coordinators are kind, compassionate, and understanding people as they hear the stories of the people in our community that come in seeking assistance. They gather the client's information and seek out the best way in which we can help them in their situation. We provide short-term assistance but the main goal is passing along a financial treatment plan that will last a lifetime.


Food Pantry Specialist

Our food pantry specialists stock, organize, and distribute groceries. We receive a large amount of donations from businesses, organizations, and individuals throughout our community. The Food pantry specialists are organizational, strategic, and efficient in creating and maintaining best practices for stocking and distributing equitable amounts of food.



Front Desk Associate

The Front Desk Associates are key elements in our day to day operations. They greet and guide each individual that comes in to see us. They answer and respond to inquiries with the correct information or direct them to the appropriate person. They also  maintain office upkeep and inventory. Our Front Desk Associates are inviting, organizational, and task oriented in order to provide a welcoming and smooth experience for each of our clients. Northlake Church membership required.


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