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Welcome to Hope
Loving the Northshore One Neighbor at a Time

Who We Are

    The journey to providing hope for a community starts by  empowering its' people in their season of need.

Our Mission

The Hope Center exists to empower every man, woman, and child on the north shore of Lake Travis through life-building continuing education classes, counseling support, short-term crisis care, and community connections.

Our Vision

The North Shore will become a community of hope, due to engaged community members who give and receive care in times of crisis, wisdom through times of perplexity, and who actively invest in continuing education for life success. 

Save Your Spot

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Dinner's Ready!
Starter foods and recipes included in this evening of fun as Chef Denise Cumba shares healthy ideas and wisdom for the person who is on the go! 

Class size is limited to 10.

Price: $40

Price includes 5 starters and 5 recipes to take with you. 

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